1. Take Off Again

From the recording Seriously

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Take Off Again

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Basic tracks recorded at Sparta Sound by Rich Mattson - Additional recording at It's a Secret in Minneapolis by David J. Russ - Mixed at Sparta Sound by Rich Mattson - Mastered by Tom Garneau


Dan Israel - acoustic and electric rhythm guitars (and a few leads), vocals, some rudimentary piano

David J. Russ - drums, vocals, and percussion - and orchestration on "How Do I?"

Mike Lane - bass,, vocals, keys on the bridge to "Take Off Again"

Steve Brantseg - lead and rhythm electric guitars


Rich Mattson - various and sundry guitar/bass/keys/percussion contributions, harmonica on "I'm in New York"

Peter J. Sands - organ and piano

John Eller - piano on "Happy for Now"

Katie Gearty - harmony vocals on "Set Each Other Free"

Colleen Martin-Oake - harmony vocals on "Taking the Fall"

"The Hang of It" - Recorded/mixed/produced by Jon Herchert at Suburban Serenade, a Deck production - Dan Israel - rhythm guitar and vocals - Jon Herchert - lead guitars, bass, and harmony vocals - Ashleigh Still - harmony vocals - John Fields - drums

Cover art by Laura Bennett - Design by Jon Hunt - Photo by Steven Cohen - Special thanks and love to Eden Mollow - www.danisraelmusic.com




Running all my days, a mouse trapped in a maze, I flee when it gets complicated,

Spinning all my tales, while I'm chasing them, don't need to be congratulated


I just hit the road, had to lose this load, I need things to end, so I can take off again


Let's review the tape, feel like there's no escape, I yearn to be celebrated,

But they when they do, I get embarrassed too,

Leave them exasperated


I just hit the road, I can't break the code, some rules I can't bend, so I take off again


Always, I want something that I can't, articulate, spinning, into nothing, wandering must be my fate

(solo over chorus)

I can't pass the test, I'm in need of rest, I don't need to be berated,

Know I tried my best, it was as you guessed, confusion's always reinstated...

I just hit the road, can't do as I'm told, I just need a friend, I gotta take off again,

Take off again

Take off again