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I'm in New York

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Basic tracks recorded at Sparta Sound by Rich Mattson - Additional recording at It's a Secret in Minneapolis by David J. Russ - Mixed at Sparta Sound by Rich Mattson - Mastered by Tom Garneau


Dan Israel - acoustic and electric rhythm guitars (and a few leads), vocals, some rudimentary piano

David J. Russ - drums, vocals, and percussion - and orchestration on "How Do I?"

Mike Lane - bass,, vocals, keys on the bridge to "Take Off Again"

Steve Brantseg - lead and rhythm electric guitars


Rich Mattson - various and sundry guitar/bass/keys/percussion contributions, harmonica on "I'm in New York"

Peter J. Sands - organ and piano

John Eller - piano on "Happy for Now"

Katie Gearty - harmony vocals on "Set Each Other Free"

Colleen Martin-Oake - harmony vocals on "Taking the Fall"

"The Hang of It" - Recorded/mixed/produced by Jon Herchert at Suburban Serenade, a Deck production - Dan Israel - rhythm guitar and vocals - Jon Herchert - lead guitars, bass, and harmony vocals - Ashleigh Still - harmony vocals - John Fields - drums

Cover art by Laura Bennett - Design by Jon Hunt - Photo by Steven Cohen - Special thanks and love to Eden Mollow -



New York Medley

Part 1: “I’m in New York”

I'm in New York away, Lower East Side today,

I'm in New York again, by and by,

Don't know about my life, I wasn't satisfied,

I tried to live that dream, but it wouldn't fly

I'm in New York again, last time I don't know when,

I hopped the plane and escaped from the great white north,

Managed to get some supplies, Airbn'b bourbon on ice,

Sitting back on my single bed with my travel guitar,

Listening to the people and the cars,

Later I'll go out walking, maybe stop into some bars